We believe developers will always give their utmost effort from planning till completion of their development.

Caring, responsible and reputable Developers would definitely want to ensure that all their completed developments, especially the newly completed ones are well-managed and trouble-free.


Alam Damai Management Services understands Developers’ concerns (especially since the Management Team of Alam Damai Management Services consists of Ex- Senior Management of reputable Developers) by not just ensuring that the developments are well-managed but also help to take the burden off Developers’ shoulders so that they can focus on expanding their property development without worrying on the management of the newly completed development. The Developer’s involvement is minimum and mainly on major decision making.
As per the Strata Management Act 2013, the Developer is required to form the Joint Management Body (JMB) within Twelve (12) months of Delivery of Vacant Possession. Therefore, it may not be feasible for the Developers to set-up a team to carry out the maintenance operation/management during this transition period (Developer’s Management Period).


Therefore, Alam Damai Management Services can assume management from the point of prior to the completion of development to the formation of JMB and conducting the First AGM of JMB.